Hypolycaena othona  Hewitson,[1865]

The Orchid Tit – ผีเสื้อหนอนกล้วยไม้ป่า

Chiang Dao (Chiang Mai) 18 March 2020


Hypolycaena othona othona  Hewitson,[1865]

Khao Sok (Suratthani) 5 December 2012

Khao Sok (Suratthani) 5 December 2012

Koh Phangan (Suratthani) 7 July 2016

This one looks like a transition between ssp. othona and ssp. semanga
Yong waterfall (Nakhon Si Thammarat) 6 July 2020


Hypolycaena othona semanga  (Corbet,1940)

Betong (Yala) 25 June 2023

Betong (Yala) 10 August 2019 – Image courtesy of Satawan Atdhabhan

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