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Dodona adonira learmondi Tytler,1940

The Striped Punch – ผีเสื้อภูเขาลายขีด

Doi Pha Hom Pok (Chiang Mai) 3 April 2018

Doi Lang (Chiang Mai) 28 March 2015

Umphang (Tak) 5 March 2020

Doi Pha Hom Pok (Chiang Mai) 1 April 2018

From http://yutaka.it-n.jp/rio/8a040040.html

The taxon found in Tak, W.Thailand by Mr.Antonio Giudici on 4.Mar.2020.
Example is not ssp.learmondi. Markings on both upper and under side seem very close to nominotypical subspecies from Sikkim, especially the markings on the underside are black not brown, and the silvery markings on the unh is not conspicuous. However, on the upf submarginal bands is not extensive and the black markings on the unf is broader than ssp.adonira. Kimura et al.,2014 pointed out, example of Doi Inthanon is different from examples from Fang and Nan. It might be the same taxon with Tak. Further taxonomic study is needed.



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