Rohana tonkiniana siamensis  (Fruhstorfer,1913)

The Tonkin Black Prince – ผีเสื้อเจ้าชายดำจีน

♂ Nam Nao National Park (Chaiyaphum) 19 March 2018

♂ Nam Nao National Park (Chaiyaphum) 19 March 2018

♂ Chiang Dao (Chiang Mai) 3 April 2016

♂ Rohana tonkiniana with a possible female – Phu Khieo (Chaiyaphum) 12 October 2020

Visual difference between males of R.parisatis (left) and R.tonkiniana
Phu Khieo (Chaiyaphum) 17 October 2020

At the moment science doesn’t know yet a sure female of Rohana tonkiniana. The only confirmation would come from DNA analysis or at least by a couple during during copulation.

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