I received a book where appear a couple of pictures of mine. A wonderful surprise for the size, the quality and the highest level of contents.

Butterflies Of Western Ghat

Butterflies Of Western Ghat

The book provides informative descriptions and more than 5000 quality photographs of 346 individual species and known subspecies with sex differences as well as individual and seasonal variations. It also has notes and photo-plates of similar species for comparison. This book covers all aspects of the natural history of butterflies including lifecycle, behaviour, habits, habitat and key features to identify them.


Hemant Ogale is a native of the village called Amboli in the Western Ghats. Over the years he has not only studied the butterfly fauna, but also many endemic amphibians and reptiles. After a short stint as an engineer, he has followed his passion for butterflies and has studied them for more than a decade. This has resulted in several new host plant records and life cycle descriptions of many rare and endangered butterflies. Over the years, he has extensively surveyed butterfly diversity across parts of the Western Ghats besides some areas in North East India.

Milind Bhakare, an ophthalmologist has an eye for butterflies. He has documented butterflies of Koyna Tiger Reserve besides butterflies of the drier plains including their life histories. He has conducted field trips and delivered lectures for students and general public to spread awareness about the conservation of butterflies and insect diversity of the area. He also has a good collection of succulent plants including many rare cacti.



496 pages A4, hardcover, over 5000 pictures, ISBN: 9789353115425, price 1,400 Indian Rs


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