Usually in late March or beginning of April, the exact date to agree with the participants, I organize a trip in Central Thailand looking, among other butterfiles,  for ALL the 3 species of Stichophtalma living in Thailand, the rare Junglequeen! One of the largest butterflies of Thailand, with only one generation a year, flying only in the shaded parts of the forest. We’ll meet all together in Bangkok to drive first to East, close to the Cambodian border, to look for the rare Stichophtalma cambodia, but we’ll see the more easy Stichophtalma louisa ssp. Siamensis.

Junglequeen 1          Stichophtalma louisa siamensis                                               Stichophtalma cambodia

The area is rich of unusual species, close to Cambodian border and with several rarities. After that we’ll drive West to Kanchanaburi province, making a halfway stop somewhere to break the long trip.  The area, famous for the historical river Kwai, is wild and home of the very rare Stichopthalma godfreyi, a large and wonderful Junglequeen, and the Stichophtalma luisa luisa, a smaller and lighter color ssp of the Junglequeen, not common.

Junglequeen 2          Stichophtalma godfreyi godfreyi

Junglequeen 3

Day 1  Meeting in Bangkok and transfer to Chanthaburi (220 km-2.30’). Depending the time of arrival visit to a forest not far from town or directly to Eco Inn hotel. Dinner in town.

Day 2  7.00am breakfast and visit the very interesting trail leading at a ‘secret’ waterfall at Pong Nam Ron, close to Khao Soi Dao mountain. We’ll hike the easy 2 km trail up and down to meet the first of our Junglequeen, the Stichophthalma louisa siamensis, seasonally common feeding on rotten fruits. Several other uncommon or rare species could be seen.  Lunch on the field. 16.00 back to the hotel. Dinner in town.

             Khao Soi Dao pictures:

Day 3  7.00 breakfast and visit 2 different location around the town mainly chasing the rare Stichophthalma cambodia and, with a bit of luck, also the rare and very localized Papilio bianor pinratanai. Lunch on the field. 16.00 back to the hotel. Dinner in town.

Day 4  7.00 breakfast and full day visit to Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. Another location where could be seen the Papilio bianor and other uncommon species not found in the rest of the country. Lunch on the field. 17.00 back to the hotel. Dinner in town.

Junglequeen 4

Day 5  7.00 breakfast and long transfer to Kanchanaburi district (520 km-7 hours) On the way stop to the mangrove area of Chonburi to find the uncommon Danaus affinis, flying only on mangroves environment. We should arrive at Suan Rim Kwai hotel around 16/17.00. Dinner in town.

Day 6  7.00 breakfast and visit the Lam Khlong Ngu N.P., the only known location of the beautiful and elusive Stichophthalma godfreyi godfreys. During the day we should be able to see this species and the Stichophthalma louisa louisa, smaller and more pale subspecies. Lunch on the field. Back to the hotel at 16.00. Dinner in town.

 Kanchanaburi pictures:

 Day 7  7.00 breakfast and visit Thong Pha Phum National Park and the nice border village of Pilok, at the Thai-Myanmar border. We should be able to spot at 1000 mt the massive rare Penthema darlisa darlisa, the “Kaiser” and other mountain Lycaenidae. Interesting excursion at the border, Burmese products and wonderful views. Back to the hotel at 17.00. Dinner in town.

Junglequeen 5

Day 8  7.00 breakfast, check out and, if schedule will allow, half day visit again at the Lam Khlong Ngu N.P. At 13.00 return to Bangkok (300 km-4 hours).



CAR: A Ford Everest 4×4, 3.2 lt. and 7 seats, climate control, panoramic opening roof, 220v  plug, GPS

Junglequeen 6

OUTLINE ITINERARY: Please note that the following is only intended as a guide. The actual itinerary may be changed if necessary due local conditions.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Your passport must be valid for a period of 6 months beyond the expected exit date. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain any necessary tourist visa prior to departure.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: This is compulsory and must include full medical and emergency repatriation cover.

LIABILITY: By joining this tour you accept that you travel entirely at your own risk and that you absolve from and against any and all liability financial or otherwise resulting from accident, injury, illness, theft, or from flight cancellations/delays or failure by the ground agent or local guide to provide requested services.

HEALTH/FITNESS: It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically and mentally fit to participate in a tropical tour where conditions will be sometime basic and at times hard.


COSTS (2019)

DAILY CHARGE is 7,000 Baht for a max of 4 persons, 6,000 if only one person, exceptionally 8,000 if 5 persons, shared among the participants.

GASOLINE, highway fees, and other possible charges during the trip are not included.

ACCOMMODATION: The hotel room is usually about 350 to 600 Baht/day/person for a double room. Single room is available at double price.

NATIONAL PARKS entrance fee is between 100 and 300 Baht/person

FOOD and drink will cost about 200/300 Baht a meal/person

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