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Teinopalpus imperialis is probably the most iconic butterfly of Thailand and one of the most beautiful Papilionidae of South-West Asia. I will guide you thru beautiful mountains and forests to the top of high mountains to see and photograph the Kaiser-I-Hind and other interesting altitude species.

We will visit also, among other locations, the world famous puddling site of Chiang Dao, where a great quantity of species is used to puddle thanks to the special composition of the soil.

Two simple suggestion for this trip:

The first, the participants should be able to trek for an easy trail climbing for a bit more of 300 mt height for a length of 3.5 km.

The second, to better photograph the Teinopalpus is suggested the use of a telephoto lens, minimum a 300mm but better if more powerful.





DAY 1    Arrive at Chiang Mai airport and quick transfer to our first location, Chiang Dao, about 80 Km from Chiang Mai. Depending from the time of arrival, quick visit to the famous parking. Accommodation at Bhupha Garden guest house. Dinner in town. 


DAY 2    Breakfast at the hotel. 9.00am visit at the most famous North of Thailand butterfly puddling area with great quantity of butterflies. 30’ drive to Doi Chiang Dao, 1000/1300 mt, once home of the now extinct Bhutanitis lidderdallii and still location of many rare/montane species. Packed lunch. Back to the puddling area until 4pm. Back to the hotel for relax and dinner.

Pictures from Chiang Dao: https://www.flickr.com/photos/angiud/albums/72157637651260194\

DAY 3    7.00 breakfast and check out, transfer to Fang at Viengkaew hotel. We’ll explore the slopes of Doi Pha Hom Pok and Doi Pumuen, home of interesting altitude butterflies. Lunch on the field. 4pm back to the hotel. Dinner in town.

DAY 4    5.30am  wake up, quick bite at 7eleven and drive  to the mountain up to 1950 mt. where at 7am we’ll start to hike to the top of the mountain  home  of  the  elusive  and  rare  Teinopalpus imperialis imperatrix. If lucky we could find the much rare female too! We suggest the use of a log telephoto lens to get the butterfly up on the canopy. Sometimes come down to puddle or attracted by some color. Exploring the forest at over 2000 mt around the top of the mountain, just on the Myanmar border, hunting for uncommon species. 4pm drive back to the hotel. Dinner in town. 

Pictures from the area: https://www.flickr.com/photos/angiud/albums/72157637651260194

DAY 5  Another full day at Doi Pumuen-Doi Pha Hom Pok-Doi Lang. We’ll chose together where to go, a choice of few locations, including the chance to go up again. Lunch on the field. Dinner in town.

DAY 6    Breakfast at Viangkaew hotel. Drive (1.15’) to Chiang Dao again, we’ll spend the day there. Afternoon drive to   Chiang Mai (1.15’) .  Arrival at the Chiang Mai hotel at 5pm. Dinner in town.

DAY 7    Transfer to the airport.




CAR:  A Ford Everest 4×4 2017, 3.2 lt. and 7 seats, climatizer, panoramic opening roof, 220v  plug, GPS

OUTLINE ITINERARY: Please note that the present is only intended as a guide. The actual itinerary may be changed if necessary due local conditions.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Your passport must be valid for a period of 6 months beyond the expected exit date. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain any necessary tourist visa prior to departure.

TEINOPALPUS SIGHTING: although is peak season for this rare species and is easy to see it on the mountains top, we don’t guarantee the sighting of this butterfly.

SPECIAL CONDICTIONS: the locations where Teinopalpus flights are in a seriously protected area and very close to Myanmar border. For security reasons during our visit/s to the location a couple of rangers od the Department of National Parks will be with us.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: This is compulsory and must include full medical and emergency repatriation cover.

LIABILITY: By joining this tour you accept that you travel entirely at your own risk and that you absolve ThaiButterflies.com from and against any and all liability financial or otherwise resulting from accident, injury, illness, theft, or from flight cancellations/delays or failure by the ground agent or local guide to provide requested services.

HEALTH/FITNESS: It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically and mentally fit to participate in a tropical tour where conditions will be sometime basic and at times hard.



DAILY CHARGE is 7,000 Baht for a max of 4 persons, 6,000 if only one person, exceptionally 8,000 if 5 persons, shared among the participants.

GASOLINE, highway fees, and other possible charges during the trip are not included.

ACCOMMODATION: The hotel room is usually about 700 to 1,200Baht/day for a room. NATIONAL PARKS entrance fee is between 100 and 300 Baht/person

RANGERS FEE: usually is 500 Baht per person/day

FOOD and drink will cost about 200/300 Baht a meal/person

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